HERTZ/C&I Fleet Management Customer Feedback Questionnaire

There are 6 questions in this survey.
Kindly spare few minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire using the below ratings by tick
  • Completely Satisfied- 1
  • Fairly Satisfied- 2
  • Not Satisfied – 3

Chauffeur Rating

  1 2 3
Cleanliness and Smartly dressed
Attitude / Customer Friendly
Good Route Knowledge
Adherence to safety and traffic regulations
Is the vehicle provided road worthy
Vehicle Rating

  1 2 3
Cleanliness of the vehicle
Appearance of vehicle exterior
Appearance of vehicle interior
Functional AC
Suggest ways we can serve you better

  Yes No Indecisive
Would you use our service again?
How likely are you to recommend C & I/ Hertz Car Rental services to friends or relatives?
Overall Rating

  Satisfied Fairly satisfied Not satisfied
Overall rating
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