Life at C&I Leasing

Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the company’s policy to abide by all laws pertaining to fair employment practices and to not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, or ancestry. The same principles apply to the hiring of any physically challenged person unless the handicap is directly related to job performance.

Employment of Nigerians who are physically challenged.

The Company will implement and follow objective, and nondiscriminatory practices involving all employment issues of qualified disabled persons and to ensure access to company products and services by persons who are disabled.

The Nigerians with disabilities acts prohibits the Company from discriminating against a “qualified person with a disability” in hiring, promoting or other decisions affecting employment. However, this does not require the Company to give special preference to persons with disabilities over other individuals. The purpose of the Act is to remove barriers to employment for disabled persons based on prejudice or lack of understanding. It does not require that the Company hire or promote a disabled person in preference to a better qualified person who is not physically challenged.

Training and Development

C&I Leasing Plc. encourages employee participation in educational programs and invest in the training and development of its employees to keep them current with new advancements and technologies as part of the organisation’s career development program. Employees are also encouraged to participate in personal educational development.

Current Openings

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