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We have structured our fleet management solution to meet the diverse needs of our customers

  • Fleet Management

    Fleet Management

    We have structured our fleet management operating lease to meet the diverse needs of our customers regardless of the amount of cars we can manage a minimum of one car per client  and we have capacity, systems and structures to scale up for any number of cars per client. 

    For ease of reference, our different categories are labelled Gold and Silver respectively. We are however, not restricted to these plans as customer needs will always determine the outlook of the final solution to be deployed.

    Fleet Management (Gold Plan)

    We can help minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment therefore helping to improve your business efficiency, productivity plus reducing overall transportation and staff cost with no down payments or need for collateral. We take the fleet load off  while you focus on your core business.

    Sale and Leaseback (Silver Plan)

    We can take over or acquire your existing assets and then structure a lease plan for you while we bear the fuelling, tracking, operations and maintenance costs.

    School Bus and Staff Bus Scheme

    We can help you convey your staff and students from home to work or school and back in comfort and safety.

    Chauffeur Management

    We currently manage chauffeurs for multiple multinational and indigenous companies in Nigeria and Ghana. We hire, train, pay and motivate them with a growing number of benefits and rewards initiatives. Our chauffeur numbers are growing everyday in the hundreds and we can take yours on board with your fleet as well.

    Operate and Maintain

    We can help operate and maintain your own vehicle fleet, while you focus on your core operations.


    Leasing or renting an asset means you can free up working capital for use in other areas of your business and you do not need to take out large loans to pay for it. Operating Lease gives the following advantages:


    The negligible initial capital outlay required from Lessee and the fixed repayments tied to cashflow patterns help to ease cashflow constraints on the capital budget. Capital can then be employed for other profitable purposes. Fixed rental rates over the period implies that cash flow is predictable and better planned or budgeted for since lease rentals are known in advance.


    Under the operating lease structure; usually referred to as “the off-balance sheet financing method”; leasing enables lessee to use productive assets without increasing its asset base. This enhances the balance sheet, as no asset or liability is shown and ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) increases. Lessee does not provide for depreciation expense in the Profit and Loss account, impacting positively on Net Profit.



    Operating lease guarantees up to about 30-35% reduction in maintenance and service costs to Lessee’s benefit, due to the existing relationship C and I Leasing Plc has with the various garages as a leasing body.



    Mandating a Leasing company with the required expertise to handle your transport system enhances efficiency and effectiveness. All distractions associated with fleet management are eliminated enabling company focus on its core operations.


    Because Lessee employs the operational strategy “mean and lean budget”, the company operates with a reduced asset base thereby enhancing its Key performance indicators (KPI’s).


    Routine services shall be sequenced and scheduled in such a way as not to disrupt the services of lessee. However, courtesy vehicles will be provided when:

    • There is an accident and arrangement for fixing damaged vehicle is ongoing.
    • Maintenance would last for more than 48 hours.

    Office Telephone Numbers

    Lagos: 09060004024, 08172007171
    Port Harcourt : 09060004025 , 08172007277
    Abuja: 09060004026 , 08172007159

    Email Address:   info@c-ileasing.com

  • Telematics

    CITRANS Telematics Solutions

    CITRANS Telematics Solutions (CITRACKS) is a Nigeria Communications commission (NCC) licensed provider of unique Fleet Management Solution to suit various business needs.

    Our platform offers a hardware configuration that includes a built-in accelerometers for intelligent driver behavior and all our applications are monitored remotely from a web- based software – ZonPro and Ruptela Platforms.

    Our solutions can be used for monitoring and tracking fixed and mobile assets, including cars, heavy-duty trucks, generators, tanks, cold storage and marine vessels.

    Basic Capabilities of our tracking devices:
    • Location Tracking- online real time tracking of asset.
    • Speed Monitoring- to monitor compliance with approved speed limits.
    • Immobilizer- remotely shut down or release the vehicle.
    • Scheduled Analytical Reports
    • Tamper Alert System- provide information on attempt to tamper with the device.
    • Data Retention- 10,000 events can be recorded when not in range of GPRS/GSM network signal.
    Citracks Speed Limiters
    • Citracks’ Speed Master is a speed limiter approved by SON as a standard speed limiting device in Nigeria.
    • Citrans Telematics Solutions is authorised by the Technical Committee on Implementation of Speed Limiting Devices to import, supply, install, calibrate and maintain authorised speed limiters in vehicles on Nigerian roads.
    • FRSC mandate for the installation of speed limiters.
    • There are two variants of the speed limiter – basic and the GPS enabled (see data sheet)
    Contact Details


    Email Address:  info@c-ileasing.com

  • Autocare/Maintenance

     C&I Motors

    C&I Motors is a division of C&I Leasing Plc, Nigeria’s foremost leasing company. Established in 2007, C&I Motors is the sole franchise operator of Suzuki, the popular Japanese brand of vehicles in Nigeria.

    This partnership further gives credence to the level of professionalism and quality of service on offer at all our auto service centers.

    As at today, C&I Motors provides specialized auto repairs and servicing for not just Suzuki, but for all brands of vehicles in Nigeria. Our service centers which are located in major parts of the country are equipped with the latest technology available in the industry for the maintenance of automobiles.

    Office Telephone Numbers

    08172007310, 08172007229

    Email Address:  info@c-ileasing.com
    Website: http://www.c-imotors.com