CSR – C & I Leasing Plc


C & I Leasing is a Socially Responsible Nigerian Organization

At the heart of C & I Leasing’s operations regardless of the business service we offer – from the Marine business on the back drop of the local content act to the Personnel Outsourcing business which has nationwide recruitment as one of its major outcomes to the Fleet Management/Hertz Car  Rental service which proudly caters to  thousands of drivers across Nigeria; one thread is consistent and that is our ability to consistently create jobs or unite people with jobs and opportunities. Therefore empowering people and in turn their families and communities dependent on them.

Child Education

Child EducationWIth emphasis on the girl child

Bethesda Child Support Agency is a social development organization which empowers children through education and other  social development programs like community service , mentoring opportunities and scholarship programs.

C & I Leasing has partnered with Bethesda on their child education scholarship program  since October 2015 sponsoring some orphans and children of widows-  covering tuition fees.

C & I Leasing Employees have also volunteered in the past as tutors for the larger group of Bethesda  children and  donated  books and other school items.

We have also partnered with the Zuriel Oduwole Foundation to conduct seminars and workshops for some female children aged 8 to 15 years of age.

Miss Zuriel Oduwole is a Brand Ambassador for Hertz Nigeria

Youth Employability and Skill Development

Youth Employability and Skill development

C & I Leasing  is  a leading provider of employment in Nigeria and has over 2 decades of demonstrated expertise and success  at  uniting young people with both existing and emerging job opportunities such as in the marine sector.

Today  C & I Leasing is responsible for the welfare, health care, pension and total benefits package of over  4,500 employees across Nigeria and we still continue to grow. We have created jobs and connected persons aged 21 to 65 years  to suitable jobs on both permanent and temporary basis  with various requirements, qualifications, diverse skills and competencies. These jobs range from Drivers to Engineers, Administrators, Consultants and Professionals. These persons are continuously trained and empowered through our structures and systems with either statutory, social or technical skills per time depending on requirements of their jobs.

Partnership with the Security and Safety Officials (FRSC, POLICE, NIMASA)

Partnership with Security and Safety Officials (FRSC, POLICE, NIMASA)

As providers of both land and marine fleet services, C & I Leasing continuously seeks ways to collaborate with security and safety officials on land and at sea to support and empower these organizations to continually ensure safety for one and all. Our partnership with these organizations is an ongoing relationship where we work with them in all our locations; Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Calabar.