Engaging Experienced Talents as Temporary Hires

Getting good experienced talent on a permanent basis can be a bit of a challenge at times howbeit getting them on a temporary basis! This might seem like a far-fetched target or dream. You might have decided to stick with the status quo of long searches, poaching talents from competitors or spending time/resources to train and build capacity in employees that may end up moving to the competitor for better offer.

However, at C&I Outsourcing we have proven that getting experienced talents on a temporary or full time is achievable without stress, but our focus today is on getting experienced hires on temporary basis to meet your operational/business needs and the benefits you stand to gain.


  • Identify the task, duration and competency needed to execute the task
  • Engage a competent recruitment agency/consultant and share the document for their use
  • Candidates with the requested job profile are engaged on the terms of the job and shortlisted
  • Shortlisted candidates are sent to the company for final selection
  • The successful candidates are engaged via signing of contract and deployed to commence work.


  • Risk Minimization – Exposure is reduced as the staff are being managed by the agency that recruited them and your obligations to them are minimal to non-existent.
  • Instant Solution at Minimal Cost – The experienced talents are primed and ready to bring to bear their wealth of job specific professionalism to achieve the target/goal. Time and training cost are saved as less experienced staff in the company can learn from them while working together on the task. You are also saved from incurring some payroll cost attached to hiring for a permanent staff
  • Identify Quality Talents – This process can help companies identify talents that would be best fit for their operations that they can onboard for a permanent position in the company. We did a temporary hire job for a client and at the end of the contract they paid us off and employed all the staff as permanent staff in their organization.
  • New Insight/Fresh Ideas – The temporary staff have experience from working in various organizations and can help introduce ideas that would enhance the existing process set out to achieve the target job.

In conclusion, engaging experienced talents on a temporary basis is a good way to achieve success in projects that are time bound or when your staff are overwhelmed on the job with the workload; it injects a freshness into the system that lubricates the minds of the existing team to achieve great success on that task.

Written by: Esther Aideyan