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Contact us  on any of our lines from 09038869179-89 for business inquiries and we will be happy to help.

“Thanks for the quick turn around of recruitments. We appreciate it”.

Uwa Michael-Okafor
Human Resources, PROMASIDOR

C & I Leasing  has a structured  fleet management business support service designed  to meet the diverse needs of clients regardless of the amount of cars they own.  We can manage one car per client  and we have the capacity, systems and structures to scale up to hundreds and thousands of cars per client nationwide.

Our range of offers:

Vehicle leasing - Any new car of choice for 1-4years
Operation and maintenance
of your fleet
Driver sourcing
and training
Sale and lease back
of existing cars
Tracking, Fueling and
Maintenance of other fleet element
Buy back option

Why choose us

  • Capital is not tied down in Vehicle acquisition.
  • Improved efficiency of your operations and core area of competence.
  • Fixed operating budget
  • Providing a platform of Convenience in fleet operations regardless of location
  • We can purchase your entire fleet and manage it efficiently
  • Eliminating of Fleet management Fraud
  • Replacement vehicles to be provided in case of breakdown
  • Fleet to be managed by experienced professionals to provide best class
  • Various blend of vehicles available at your disposal 24hours
  • Knowledge of Nigeria road network linking

Our Client Base

  • Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing/FMCG Companies
  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Aviation Companies
  • Other Sectors

Let us operate your fleet while you focus on your core business and strategic goals.

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