‘We’ve been very focused, our vision is very clear’– C&I Leasing’s CFO on Arise TV

Alex Mbakogu, Chief Finance Officer, C&I Leasing Plc (C&I Leasing), was live on Arise TV’s Global Business Report with Niyi Oyelowo on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. Mr Mbakogu spoke about the company’s impressive half-year (H1) earnings which grew by 27.2%, from N12.8 billion in H1 2018 to N16.3billion in H1 2019, largely driven by lease rental income from it’s marine and fleet management services.

According to him, the company’s focus on
quality and excellent service delivery would create additional opportunities
for client growth and retention, despite the challenges in the current
operating environment. “We are moving from customer service to
customer experience and engagement. People want to see that there is a future
in business. Beyond what the market is saying, let’s look at what the companies
are saying,” he said.

“The business environment is very challenging but despite the challenge, we need to be focused and have the mind that what we want to do is possible. “It’s about your plan and purpose and not what you want to offer people. Once you have a plan and purpose, people would align with you.
At C&I Leasing Plc “We’ve been very focused, our vision is very clear.” Pointing to the company’s growth trajectory,  the C&I Leasing CFO said in the last three years, the business has scaled up its service offerings and undergone restructuring, adding that the changes were “beginning to bear fruit”. “It’s the decisions that are paying off. Last year, we looked at our operations in terms of supply and efficiency. We put our measures in place and there’s an effect now,” he said.

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