COVID-19 response from C&I Leasing Plc

The C&I Leasing Group continues to provide services to customers and external stakeholders with minimal disruptions in a safe environment, supported by effective IT solutions for business continuity. The aim of the company is to ensure operational efficiency remains a priority while creating value at optimal levels. We value the health and safety of our internal stakeholders as evidenced by our current Work from Home (WFH) model which applies to majority of staff, and the impact on productivity has been positive and keeps improving. For those who work onsite and offshore, all safety and hygiene protocols are fully observed and implemented.

Internal campaigns to sensitize staff and provide on-the-go reports of the COVID-19 situation and the importance of keeping in step with approved health guidelines and preventive measures for the benefit of self and others is an ongoing effort. In the host communities where we operate, we have provided material and humanitarian support to put a smile on faces and give hope to underserved Nigerians. This is also a continuous effort backed by our core values of Fairness, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Safety.

In summary, three principles have held true in C&I Leasing’s response to COVID-19:

  1. Building trust with all stakeholders
  1. Making data-driven decisions
  1. Effective collaboration

We reiterate our commitment to provide support to all stakeholders as we collectively fight against and overcome the Coronavirus pandemic.

C & I Outsourcing

We are a licensed, leading provider of Human Resource solutions in Nigeria. Our services are diversified and customized according to the specific needs of our clients. We have been serving both local and multinational organizations in the areas of

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C & I Fleet Management

We are structured to operate, fuel and maintain the fleet load for our clients while they focus on their core business. We can manage as simple as one car per client and we have the capacity, systems and structures to scale up to hundreds and thousands of cars per client nationwide.

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C & I Marine

We’ve got patrol boats, crew boats, pilot boats, tug boats and platform support vessels for Security, line and hose handling, berthing and escort services, mooring support, fire-fighting, pollution control, floating and self-elevating platform services and there’s still so much more on the way.

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Our cost-effective solutions give you real-time control and visibility of your assets. Our solutions can boost your Land or Marine fleet performance while significantly reducing your operating cost. We give you a bird’s eye view of your assets so you can plan efficiently.

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