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Real Time Fleet solutions for both Vehicles and Vessels

CITRANS Telematics Solutions Limited (CITRACKS) provides  unique and  dynamic solutions for both  Fleet Management and Vessel Management.

We are always a step ahead of your  needs.

Basic Solutions

These solutions  from CITRACKS offer you basic movement  tracking and location monitoring.

Quick Features

  • Route Mapping
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • Geo-fencing – Restriction of vehicles to a particular geographical location, terminal, depot or Station.
  • Data Retention- Up to 10,000 events can be recorded when not in range of GPRS/GSM network signal
  • Analytical report on travel time, travel route and unexplained stoppages
  • Vehicle maintenance and servicing notification/reminder
  • Immobilizer- remote shut down or release the vehicle.
  • Tamper Alert System- provides information on attempt to tamper with the device
Advanced Solutions

Our  advanced tracking solutions offer the basics plus superior hardware configuration such as built-in accelerometers for intelligent driver behavior therefore giving you even more data which includes speeding history and habits of the driver so you can project driver’s style and adherence to safety codes for fleet.

This package also offers advance solution for fuel usage monitoring for both vehicles and vessels and can provide a benchmark for practical planning, budgeting and cost savings.

Extra Features 

  • Vehicle Driver Behaviour / Performance Monitoring
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • 18 Months Data History

Our tracking solutions ensure fleets can be monitored remotely in real time from one or multiple mobile devices using Android and IOS software platforms. You can have access anytime, anyday, anywhere. You can have control and access  to the real time data 24 hours all day,everyday. Available on both Android and Iphone.

Generator and Diesel Monitoring Solution

Our Diesel Monitoring Solution which can be applied to;
 Diesel/Fuel dumps
 Tank Farms
 Wet docks
 Generators
 Vessels, Boats

The solution is also compatible with all major brands of generators and ensures;
1. Accurate fuel monitoring and prevent diesel/fuel pilfering
2. Huge capital expenditure savings through the help of our generator diagnostics.
3. Events and alarm management
4. Real time monitoring of generator performance with respect to diesel consumption rate.
5. Asset optimization

amazing benefits with undeniable value added service

Our strong presence in strategic locations such as Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja ensures that we can meet your needs anywhere in Nigeria.

We provide clients with trainings and hand-holding sessions on the utilization of the tracking platform where needed.


Excellent after sale support services such as periodic device maintenance and assessments.

We assist and support clients to recover their assets in case of theft by providing useful information and logistics where necessary.

Warranty Policy

12 Months Warranty

 from installation date

Device Replacement

Devices will not be replaced if they are damaged due to external events

(like accidents, fire, thunders, natural disasters, etc.)


This warranty is automatically forfeited if  devices are interfered with by any party other than the Citracks Engineers.