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Why Choose Us?

Since 2010, we have been growing to meet your diverse needs both on-shore and off shore. Today we’ve got patrol boats, crew boats, pilot boats, tug boats and platform support vessels for  Security, line and hose handling, berthing and escort services, mooring support, fire-fighting, pollution control, floating and self-elevating platform services and there’s still so much more on the way.

  1. 100% Local Content – We are a Proudly Nigerian Company! Registered in Nigeria, Managed by Nigerians and owned by Nigerians.
  2. Experienced Professionals – We have a team of experienced, competent, dedicated  professionals meticulously selected and groomed over the years to satisfy, delight and add value to our clients.
  3. High Safety Standards – Each of our owned vessels have their safety management certificates and undergo regular external audits to verify and validate their SMC.
  4.  Compliance – Our Vessels are OVID compliant in addition to the completion and publishing of our OVSMA document.

International Technical Partners & JV Affiliations

BW Offshore

17% shareholders in JV company with BW Offshore; operators of the Abo & Sendje Berge FPSOs

CCS Offshore Limited

25.5% shareholders in JV Company with Schlumberger Group to provide oilfield services


Recently won a contract to install the SPMs and associated pipelines at the new Dangote refinery at Epe


Operators of Modular Self Elevating Platforms (Jack ups)

Ocean Installer Subsea

Installer Subsea umblicals riser and flexible (SURF) installations

C & I Marine In-Country Support

Supply Vessels, Tugs & Barges

C&I Marine is strategically positioned to provide Offshore Supply Vessel (OSVs) and Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) with large Cargo handling Capabilities that can transport personnel and carry multiple products including fresh water , food, fuel,drilling fluids, liquid mud, drill pipe, casings, chemicals, explosives, equipment and variety of other supplies to and from offshore installations.

Our PSV support service plays a fundamental support role in offshore construction, drilling maintenance work and production operations and are easily adaptable to serve more specialized client needs.

Security Patrol & Crew boats

C&I Marine supports deep water activities with security patrol vessels of varying specifications and sizes to secure offshore infrastructure, warning, interception, and engaging unauthorized crafts. Our Patrol solution is aimed at providing security for all offshore activities – protecting tanker vessels and personnel.

We also provide Standard Crew boats and Fast Supply and Intervention Vessels (FSIV) to support complex Logistics operations. Our vessels are specially designed to meet your daily operational requirements transporting people and cargo at tremendous speed, fitted with quality HSE kits.

Offshore Marine Construction and Repairs
Offshore Marine Logistics Support

Value Added Services

Efficient Fuel Monitoring Services

We provide fuel monitoring …

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Vessel Tracking

We track vessels …

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Crew Training

Constant ongoing improvement…

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